Day 4 questions

Briefly summarize the book and its content

This book was about two male penguins at a zoo who fell in love and were given an egg to raise as their own by a zookeeper who noticed their affection for each other.

Discuss both the pro-censorship and anti-censorship viewpoints.

I am personally anti-censorship. I believe that we should be exposed to what ever we choose to be exposed to. I do understand the pro-censorship argument that somethings could be harmful to the minds of children, but I think it should be left up to the parents to decide what their kids can and cannot see.

Was the ban unwarranted? Or, was the ban appropriate?

I personally see no reason why this book should be banned. As time has gone by, homosexuality has become more prevalent in our society and this book represents that very well. Unless an individual is homophobic, there is no reason why this book should be banned. And even if an individual id homophobic, they could just simply not read the book. I personally don’t see how this could influence anyone in any way other than teaching someone to respect everyone for who they are.

Do you have any personal experiences with your own school or parents banning books?

I personally don’t have experiences with book banning.

How many books on the Top 10 Commonly Challenged Books Lists have you read? Which books have you read?

I have only “read” (used spark notes) one of the books on the Top 10 Commonly Challenged Books List which was To Kill a Mockingbird.

What is your general opinion about book banning?

Because I don’t read, I’m not to concerned. However, I think do think it’s unconstitutional to essentially ban someone’s voice.

Can organizations, schools, and families really “ban books” in our time of the internet and social media?

Technically they can ban books. But in today’s day and age, technology allows us to find a way around almost anything that is banned. If there is a demand for something, there will always be some sort of supply. 

How does the first amendment relate to book bans?

The first amendment relates to book banning because it grants the freedom of press (includes printing books) and the freedom of speech. Not being allowed to read what someone else has to say is the equivalent of not being able to say it in the first place in my opinion. And not being able to make copies of the book is essentially limiting someones knowledge. 

News & Entertainment

Current Events News Quiz: How well or poorly did you do? How do you feel about that?

I did alright on the current events quiz. It doesn’t make me feel good knowing I have more knowledge on celebrity gossip than actual news.

Analyze your News and Entertainment Use: When you see your survey results on paper, how do you feel?

I feel like I definitely need to change how I use the internet and how I acquire information.

Your News Diet

What is news to you?

News to me is something that is relevant to everyone and affects everyone in some way.

Name what sources you get your news from. Why do you use these news sources? Why do you trust your news sources? Is the news you consume slanted or bias in any way?

I honestly don’t follow the news.

How often do you talk to other people about the news? Who do you talk to? What do you talk about?

Considering I don’t watch or read the news, it’s kinda hard to talk about it.

What improvements to your news diet can you make?

Actually following the news and use reliable sources when I do.  

Your Entertainment Diet

What are your favorite entertainment sources? For example, TV shows, websites, movies, books, gaming, etc. Why do you use these entertainment sources?

My favorite entertainment source would be Twitter or video-games (don’t use either of those often)

How much time do you spend with entertainment? Does it interfere with other aspects of your life, like your social life or academic life?

I don’t spend to much time with entertainment. After school, all I do is homework which impacts my academic life positively and my social life negatively. 

To what extent do your parents regulate your exposure to entertainment? Are they more lenient now than in the past because you’re in high school now?

My parents don’t regulate my entertainment and haven’t for years.

Media Literacy

How does your own online behavior compare to the data that we just examined?

Some of the stats we looked at applied to me, and some don’t. I feel that I play it pretty safe online because of the lack of personal information I share.

How many limits do your parents put on your online identity and internet time?

My parents don’t restrict my internet use.

How do you think your online identity should look for college? For when you want to get a job?

I feel that if a college or possible employer has access to your social media account(s) it should look at least semi-professional.

What privacy concerns exist for you and potential college admissions officers and employers?

Considering my Twitter profile is private, I’m not concerned about a college or an occupation looking at my profile. And even if they could, I don’t personally post anything incriminating.

Is it right for a college or employer to reject/fire you based on your online identity?

I personally think it entirely depends on the situation… For example, if a person is harassing someone online in any way, they shouldn’t be hired. But often times, social media accounts aren’t a true reflection of who a person is. Unless the post directly makes the employer look bad, I don’t see an issue.